Welcome to SmartyHome.io! This is a personal blog exploring my journey with home automation technology. I write how-to guides, analysis of industry activity, product opinions/reviews, and generally just share what I’m up to and what I see that’s cool in the world of home automation tech. I want to hear from you about subjects to cover — please drop me a line.

Personal background

Why am I into home tech? I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, and one of the things that always struck me as incredibly cool was the casual way they were able to control things with voice commands (“Computer, lights”). I knew, even back in the 80s/early 90s, that one day I wanted to have a tech-forward home. Fast-forward 25 years, and I’ve jumped into today’s “consumer accessible” (yes, that’s in quotes) home tech with both feet.

I’m a tech-savvy DIYer with a young family living in the midwest. I have a background in software; my wife, on the other hand, is not as technically inclined so I have to make sure all this stuff works well for her — or I’ll hear about it. I’m the guy who does tech support for family members, whom all my friends check in with when they want to buy a new TV/phone/gadget, and I never tire of having fun projects around the house. I have a background in computer programming but I’m not a hardcode coder anymore (more of an entrepreneur/manager/architect these days), so messing around with home tech is one of the ways I keep sharp on certain trends.

I started this blog because I think home automation tech is really interesting, and because I spend so much time talking/texting/Facebook messengering about it with my friends that some of them suggested maybe I should write about it. And I have some smart friends, so here we are!

Product linking and monetization policies

Regarding monetization and products, I believe that someone discussing products in a way that influences your buying decisions needs to be totally transparent about how they acquire those products and what financial interest they have in your purchase of those products. To that end, here are my practices and policies:

  1. Links to products will sometimes be affiliate links which help me earn a few bucks to pay for the site’s hosting, and for buying products that I experiment with or review. I would deeply appreciate if you use those links if you decide to buy a product I cover.
  2. If I accept a product for free to review (whether I keep it or send it back), I will disclose that in the post.
  3. All the content on this site is reflective of my own opinion and no one else’s unless otherwise noted. I do not claim to be an objective tech journalist with wide industry access; I can only write based on my own experiences.

Send suggestions!

Lastly, I always like to hear from readers, and I need YOUR ideas to decide which of the endless topics to cover next — so send me a note, message me on social media, or leave a comment on a post if you have some suggestions or questions!

Thanks for visiting!